Sunday, April 3, 2011

I lost. I'm going to go and cry about it and stuff my mouth with Moose Tracks and Butter Pecan ice cream.

I think this post was a bit too vague. Anyway, thank you all for your concern. :) I'm fine now. All I needed was a day off to sleep all day and get some rest. I'm chipper as ever now, which is good. I was all down and out recently because I just lost the speech and debate competition (got fourth place in the Finals) that I've been working so hard for. But meh. It's fine. At least I made it to Finals. Aaaanddd I got closer to Jailbait... except, it's hard to think about him without being depressed because he won several gold medals in the competition (while I didn't). But whatever. It's all good in the hood now. I'm fine. Perfectly fine.

And we're friends. Just friends, but I'd rather be friends than not at all.We ended up talking a lot during the past week and joking around and all that shenanigans.

BUT OMG HE'S SO CUTE. Especially during the competitions. We all had to wear suits and whatever fancy-schmancy outfit and his attire just takes the cake. He looked fucking hot, I swear. I wish I had pictures to prove my point because no amount of swearing and articulation could describe the fabulosity of a such a boy.

WTF. This was supposed to be a short post explaining what I lost, but somehow it snowballed (once again) into a post where I spazz over a boy I personally know of. I am such a creep.


Someone Needs to Slap this Bitch.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Okay, so in one of my very first entries (on this blog), I wrote about how I was duly infatuated with this boy two years younger than me. I mean, that's not a bad thing, right? As long as he's handsome and squishable, then it's all good in the hood. I'm no pedo-noona or anything, so for the meantime (as long as I'm sweet and sixteen), I ain't going to jail. Somewhere along the post, I end up abruptly stopping it because

  1. I forgot where I was going with that post.
  2. Some of the things I said.. well I take them back, and
  3. I got bored talking about my unrequited lovelife. T_T
So yeah, point number two: Some of the things I said.. well I take them back. In that post, I wrote about how his girlfriend (whom he is no longer with) was not pretty. I take that back. She used to be not pretty, but somewhere along the road called the age of adolescence and maturity, she turned out kinda pretty. Like, she isn't the SHAZAM! type of bombshell, but she does have that cute, natural look. Think of SNSD's Yoona or Jessica - pre-debut. Yeah, she was cute, I guess. Why the hell am I suddenly doing a 180 degree turnaround and complimenting the ex of the one boy that has my heart but is not doing anything about it? Well... that's because my so called "hatred" (aka jealousy, aka bitch-i'm-gonna-cut-you) has fallen into a new target. 

The guy I like, he broke up with his girlfriend. Big whoop, right? Right. Except when you know that another bitch is taking up the spotlight while you stand waaaaay off in the darkest corner of the room bawling your eyes out because he doesn't even know your name. Okay, I'm exaggerating. One, I do not cry my eyes out because he doesn't notice me. And two, he does notice me and he knows my name (i.e. he acknowledges me when I'm near him) (gahhh~ the way he says "Hey, Angela" in his deep, deep voice of his causes fireworks to go off inside me *_*). Anwyay, spotlight is taken, guys is occupied with yet another obstacle. What do we do?

We bitch, of course. The history of womanhood handles these situations with two different answers: we could either be completely lady-like and brush the situation off so nonchalantly like a speck of dust on our shoulder... or we rant and whine until someone else does something about it for us. Since I'm nowhere near lady-like (in these scenarios, at least), I decide to do the latter. 

Oh, Buddha, someone needs to slap this new bitch! T_T Okay, why am I so worked up about it? Simply because this girl is already taken and yet she has the audacity to hit on the guy I like (let's call him "jailbait"). Girl, please! Choose one! Andddd Jailbait isn't the only boy she's throwing herself at. There are other boys on her little damn black book. Oh, and you know what?

Her boyfriend's my best guy friend.

Yes. What does this mean? This means my rage increases ten-fold seeing that she can't keep her skanky hands off of Jailbait knowing the fact that she's dating my best friend. You'd feel pretty pissed if some wench decides to play around with your best guy friend and also basking in the glory of winning over the love of your life. Fine, geez. I admit that Jailbait is not mine to call the "love of my life", so the latter would be mainly due to my jealousy.. but still! You don't want to see your best friend hurt, right?! Right. I've seen my friend looking a bit disappointed knowing that his "amazing" girlfriend can't renounce her secret occupation being one legendary wench.

Fine. Fine. Fine.

I'm jealous. Okay. Fine! I admit that! But ajlfksadjfasdjfl. It just pisses me off!! She's frkn taken! Choose ONE BOY, BITCH! You can't have every guy in the world! 

Gah~ I noticed I'm using Bitch too much in this post. I dunno. I'm just too heated up seeing her and him and him and that guy, and them, and those four in the back... What's so amazing about her, anyway? 

Boys, you like girls with deep, manly voices? Um.. I think not!

Okay, done. 

Seeing pictures of Taemin and Minho in Saipan makes me want to slap a bitch

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

URGH. Do you know the infinite rage I have right now? Do. You. Know?!

Of course not.

Okay, so the past few days I was scanning the online world for photos of SHINee to add to my growing library of SHINee pictures (to use for poster requests. Plzzz I'm not like that, whatever it is you're thinking T_T). And then, I come across adorable pictures of Taemin and Minho in Saipan. Again.

And again.

And again...

At first, I was like "Awww Y U SO KAYOOOOT TAEMINNIE APPA?" +_+ And then anger began to well up inside of me. They came here back in November (I think?). Back when I was MOST DEFINITELY NOT a Shawol. I was into BEAST and Big Bang - and none other. Back in November, SHINee meant NOTHING to me. SHINee looked like a bunch of oh-so-feminine guys in the tightest and brightest jeans that could possibly blind your innocent eyes.

In a nutshell, I was all nonchalant about SHINee being in Saipan (where I'm from). A group of girls I knew were discussing it openly on Facebook, and since it was a Kpop discussion, I jumped right in. They were talking about how "SHINee members are here on SAIPAN?!?!" and I commented (it was on a status), "Oh really? Who?" And the girl replied, "Taemin and Minho!"

I did a quick Google search on Taemin, since I didn't know who the hell he was and I could not possibly name all the SHINee members, one by one, for the life of me. Turns out (via the ever so unreliable Wikipedia) that he was the "lead dancer" (in which, I swear to God, I didn't know idol groups had LEAD DANCERS. I knew they had LEADERS and LEAD VOCALS, but lead dancers? What do they do? Get center stage most of the time? Then what were the leaders for?). So, yeah. I went back to Facebook and replied, "Oh really? Taemin and Minho?? I LOOOVE TAEMIN!!"

Pshh. Right. I lied. I knew nothing on Taemin, and I only said that because I didn't like Minho so much - appearance wise. I saw him in SNSD's "Gee" video, and the first thing that popped into my mind was:

"They really couldn't have gotten a better-looking guy?"

/gets bricked.

I was proven wrong months later, of course. I now think he's the best looking in the group.

Back to what I was saying about Taemin. I haven't seen a picture of Taemin until right after I commented the status. Google really gives awful first impressions, because this is the very first picture of Taemin that I saw:

After seeing that, in my mind I was like... "Erm.. THIS is my favorite SHINee member?!?! WTFFFF~" Of course, I didn't know who Key or Onew or Jonghyun were until I started stumbling onto SHINee fanfics. Haha I used to always get Key and Onew mixed up, since they looked so much alike in my eyes.

Well, anyway, since I knew nothing about SHINee, I didn't care. I was only stoked because it was all in the name of Kpop, but other than that, it was like dust in the wind. Or some other witty metaphor.

Months later, when my love for SHINee has escalated beyond a reasonable doubt, I find myself viewing pictures of 2min lollygagging here in Saipan (well, not exactly lollygagging since they were all drenched in some serious mud and Dream Team sweat) with a torn ego and a heavy heart. Why is that every time an idol comes here to Saipan, I don't care and by the time they're loooong gone, I give a damn?!? Beast's Kikwang was here in Saipan, too, for Hot Brothers, but I wasn't into Beast as much back then. T_T


Do you not SEE the adorability of such a boy? I can't believe I took a picture in the same spot months before he took this picture. I'd show you guys, but it's not in my camera and it's off of Facebook. (Hah. I bet you're all like "RIIIIIGHTTT, Angela, right.") Don't have to believe me, but yes, I did go to Managaha (the island where Taemin is in that picture) and I did take a picture in front of those same fallen tree limbs which is located in the more remote part of that island. 

Seeing those pictures of Taemin and Minho in Saipan makes me want to slap a bitch. I am so frustrated that I wasn't a Shawol back then and that I didn't care.

But on the brightside, it could be a good thing, right? I mean, if I were a Shawol around the time they were here on Saipan, I'd definitely be hyperventilating like mad until I get a glimpse of them. I don't want to explain to my parents why I have to be at the hotel they're staying at or at Managaha at a certain time of day. That'd be too weird, and besides, my parents have no idea how serious my love for the Hallyu wave is. My mom still thinks I'm in love with this boy from Miami whom I met when I was in Kansas City for the summer (and still keep in contact with), and the sad part is that she approves. 

I swear, it's almost like some sort of arranged marriage. I like the guy, and my mom thinks he's very very handsome.... but he's definitely not my type. He's quite the opposite of Taeminnie appa, and though he's athletic and smart and good looking, I think I'd pass for now. My mom would think I'm crazy but I dunno... Nothing beats a romantic, sweet, and sensitive Korean boy. 

Wait, I'm going off topic. 

So yeah, loooong blog short:

I wish someone would delete ALL  photos of 2min in Saipan so I can feel better about myself. Please.

Noona Neomu Yeppeo

Sunday, February 20, 2011

So, there's this kid that my best friend and I know. He's my best friend's brother's best friend (confused?) and he's also about two years younger than me, which makes me - pretty much - his noona. He's Korean and OH MY GOD.. he's cute. No, I mean, not just cute, he's handsome aaaand he could be the perfect boyfriend. He's smart (I think top of his class?), athletic (captain of the JV Basketball team), and stylish (what boy could seamlessly pull off skinny jeans and vibrant pink Nike High Tops?). Inserting my obvious love of SHINee here, I'd say he's Onew, Minho, and Key rolled into one. That's 3/5 of my perfect boyfriend. But, just like Key, he's only interested in girls his age.

Fail of the century.

Awhile back, when I was unbearably and visibly crushing on him, my best friend asked him what he thought of me. And he was all like, "Er.... I'm not into older girls."

Irrrr I always thought Korean boys liked older girls! From my experience hanging out with Korean boys, they seemed to always mention their interest in older girls, much older girls. My hopes were shattered.

Actually, they were shattered from the beginning. When I began liking him and noticing him, he already had a girlfriend. At first I was like, "Ehhh why her? She's not pretty." (Mean, I know) but my best friend (who usually gives me incite on his lovelife with special contribution from her brother) said, "Well, they liked each other for a looong time." Meh. Well, I guess I gave her a chance especially since she liked him even before he began to 'transform' and look good. So, yeah, after liking him for a few weeks, I stopped.

And thennnn my best friend tells me one day that they finally broke up. My 'love' for him escalated through the roof and I was just on cloud nine. Until my friend asked him what he thought of me and that was when I was like, "eh, forget it. He's right."

You know what, as I re-read through this post, I forgot what my point is by talking about him. :|

I think it's best that I shut up now.

I'm not a delinquent.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Among my group of friends, I think I'm the one who's done detention the most. Not even my guy friends ever went to detention. T_T Well, I guess that's partly because I hang about the "goody two-shoes" crowd. Around them, I'm the worst one.

Still, three detentions does not make me a delinquent. Right?

Detention isn't all that bad. I mean, all I have to do is sit in a room for an hour - doing nothing. Which then results in me formulating this incredibly exaggerated fairytale on how I was Taemin's girlfriend and how our whirlwind romance brought us on a trip to Japan of all places and well, things get amazing from there. So, for my one whole hour sitting in detention staring at the empty desk in front of me, I became Taeminnie Appa's girlfriend on a trip to Japan with him.

Actually, I always wanted to take a holiday in Korea, but since Taemin already lived in Korea, it'd be less of a holiday for him and more of him being my tour guide...

Oh God. I sound like he really is my boyfriend and that this is pretty much reality. Okay, I'll shut up now before I get carried away. (You're not a Kpop Idol's girlfriend, you dumb girl!!!)

Key is actually my SHINee bias, but I dunno. Taeminnie Appa's been growing on me quickly. I blame this on Hello Baby. And the way Yoogeun called Taemin 'Taeminnie Appa' in episode... er 7 I think? made me want to just bite his cheeks. Good thing I'm not like most girls who are practically his noona's. Thank you, Taeminnie Appa, for being just a year older. Forever I will thank thee.

Anyway, back to what I was saying about detention.

I said it's not all that bad, but at the same time, it's not like I'd want to do it again. In that one hour of doing nothing, I could be finishing up on an essay (I don't know why, but lately, I've been attacked with numerous essay assignments) or working on lemonswirls. -__- OMG I sound like I have no life..

Okay, let me rephrase that then. In that one hour of doing nothing, I could be playing basketball (sounds sporty, eh?) or spot at a friend's house. Irrrr I miss basketball. I love playing it during PE. The rush and enjoyment of driving that ball in between people and then laying up for a shot feels.... so.... good....

I am so totally going to join the team again next year. I feel a tiny bit regretful for trying out this year, especially since my favorite senior girls are on the team. Next year, they'd all be gone and I'm stuck with the bitches and witches of the class of 2012 and few somewhat cool freshmen. But whatever. I need to work on my extracurricular activities.

And besides, this delinquent needs to release all that badass-ness on the court, right? ;D

hold up half the sky.

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